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Updated: May 29, 2019

Our Creative Director, Rebecca attended the Gloucestershire Business 2019 this month and shared some tips on how to use visuals effectively in your communications. For those that missed her 'creative nuggets' a blog next month will highlight her show visit.

To help you understand the importance of using visuals in your storytelling though here is a short animated video we prepared to highlight the relevance of improving memory retention and engagement, enjoy:

Visuals are powerful in storytelling - watch this space for information on our forthcoming workshops and events to help you with your stories.


Award-winning Red Lemon are specialists in 2d animated and stop motion video, motion-graphics and design for print and web - do get in touch if you need help with your storytelling

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Red Lemon are visual storytellers who bring ideas and stories to life to inspire people to act.

We will design and deliver your impactful visual stories and presentations for every occasion.

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