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Who are Red Lemon?

Red Lemon is an award-winning team of hard working and hard playing creatives with a passion for using visuals to successfully tell your stories and encourage your audience to take action.  With our studio based in the Cotswolds (UK), our clients span the globe from the US to Australia.



Founded by Rebecca Denyer, who following an extensive career across multiple industry sectors in private as well as public and sectors, is passionate about visual storytelling and it's incredible power to engage and inform.


"Making communications relevant to the people of today is more important than ever in this infobesity age - our brains are actually wired for visuals.


Visual storytelling enables us to tell complex and often sensitive stories more easily than words.  Compelling, engaging and memorable stories encourage people to respond."   - Rebecca Denyer.


The Red Lemon Team work in collaboration with several specialist agencies and individuals aligned with our values to ensure that our clients receive the best and most appropriate solution to get the results their stories deserve.  


If you would like to join our creative team or partner with us, don't just sit on the fence, please get in touch today!


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