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Observing social distancing needn't be boring!

With lockdown measures beginning to ease, thoughts of how to get back to work whilst maintaining social distancing are on many leaders agendas. The use of social distancing floor tape and floor stickers have popped up in many establishments to help people remember to keep their distance...pubs and restaurants in Sweden are using social distancing floor tape to show where bar stools need to remain so that they can remain open and we are becoming all too familiar with floor stickers on supermarket floors here in the UK.

Floor sticker graphics are colourful and attention-grabbing and with the clever use of custom printed shapes could lead to better user experiences. Social distancing floor stickers, first and foremost are there for an incredibly important purpose but why shouldn't they double up as an engaging interactive experience to ease the time spent waiting on them?

Augmented Reality (AR) enhanced graphics and even the clever use of QR codes can transform a standard floor sticker to an engaging experience. We have both capabilities at Red Lemon and last summer set up an experience to test the public's engagement with technology and print with some interesting results!

The beautiful "Young Will" statue of William Shakespeare which sits on a bench in the Bancroft Gardens in Stratford Upon Avon was gifted by the now late American sculptor, Larry Holofcener, attracts many tourists and domestic visitors (under normal circumstances). We created a floor sticker (in the style of a blue heritage plague) which the visitor scanned with their phone and had a "virtual phone call" with Young Will himself [The sticker can be a temporary or a longer-term solution and doesn't damage the surface that it is stuck on!]

The 'caller' could then take part in a #selfie competition with Young Will, the statue, and won a small discretionary prize. Tourists were definitely more receptive to embracing the technology but hearing the voice of (an actor) a Young Will brought amusement and visitors left with a positive experience.

Imagine the capabilities of spending time in a social distanced queue and scanning the stickers to reveal the store's special offer for the day or discount codes for certain products or an exciting augmented reality experience - which could alternatively double as an educational experience? The possibilities are endless!

We are at a time where technology is developed sufficiently to enable engaging customer experiences serving multiple purposes - please do get in touch if you would like to hear more about our Young Will experiment or if you feel we could assist you in embracing technology on your printed material or signage to engage more with your customers and in the meantime please #staysafe.


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