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How do you share a consistent cohesive message to your stakeholders around the world?

When English may not be your audiences first, second or third language and you want to ensure you deliver a consistent, engaging and understandable message to your colleagues and partners around the world then take a look at how Joe used animated video to successfully share his ideas.

Not only did it enable him to share his complex message - it was a great ice-breaker at his global conference, gained buy-in from his global team and ensured that the message would be consistently and accurately shared to their teams when they returned to their locations.

The theme of the fully branded animated video was then used in all promotional material around this and updates could be given in a similar consistent style - so take a couple of minutes to review how Joe got on:

This animated video was created to showcase a real client story - names etc have been changed and some detail adapted to maintain confidentiality! Enjoy :)

Full Script:

" Meet Joe.

He's the CEO of ACME, a multinational company.

He will be communicating the ACME's corporate strategy at their World Conference next week. 60 delegates are flying in from around the world for this prestigious annual event - one of the highlights of ACME’s year.

The delegates hold very responsible roles within the business and are often short on time, always arriving within hours of the conference starting, and will most likely need to leave promptly after the 2 day event.

Not only will they arrive jet-lagged and tired - they will most likely to be dealing with critical business issues remotely whilst they are away and will need to consume and retain a huge amount of new strategic information that Joe needs to share with them.

The conference always take place in English which can oKen be the delegates second, third or fourth language.

Joe needs to be able to communicate his complex message in an engaging way to

spark discussion amongst his delegates.

An animated video enables him to share his message and gives context to his

ideas, visually representing abstract concepts and complex thoughts - the video

overcomes language and cultural barriers as the pictures tell the story. The

animated video enables him to provide a consistent message which can be

replayed at the delegates leisure and shared easily with their teams when they

return home.

Joe also knows that he can send updated communications after the event in the

same animated video style. It’s a fast and efficient way of creating video content

and helps him maintain his relationship with his management team, whilst

ensuring everyone is given a consistent and coherent message.

Joe is very happy as he knows that his team are on board, the same message is

being communicated and acted upon around the globe.

Joe's company can continue to grow and meet their new strategic objectives.

2d animated video has enabled Joe to communicate his story successfully."


Award-winning Red Lemon are specialists in 2d animated and stop motion video - why not ask us about your next animated video project:


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