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Got a great story but not sure how to share it?

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There is a book in everyone or a story in everyone but deciding how to share it can be tricky!

Many of our clients come to us believing they need an animated video or an infographic to share their story but once we sit down with them we may establish that actually they would be better choosing an alternative route or multiple routes to sharing their story visually.

There is no one size fits all , whilst every method has its merits, ultimately a successfully shared story needs to be shared in the right manner and medium for your target audience and also ensure that it enhances the story so that is more memorable and engaging than just the story on its own.

Visual storytelling can also use all the senses - print can allow textures and print techniques to enhance the users experience - it is important to understand your users persona and consider thinking outside the box when looking at visual storytelling.

What methods of visual storytelling has your organisation used and how effective have they been?

Let us know in the comments...


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