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Case Study - Charity Sector - Safeline UK

Charity Sector - Visual Storytelling - Case Study - Safeline UK

We had the privilege to work with UK Based Safeline to help them raise local and UK wide awareness of their fantastic work:

“The video alone has brought on board 2 large targeted corporates enabling us to improve our services to our clients and also increasing our visibility as a charity as we strive towards National Charity Status.”

- Neil Henderson, CEO Safeline.

So, what was the brief?

A campaign to raise general public and business awareness of Warwickshire based charity Safeline, who provide help and support to victims of abuse.

What did we actually do?

We broadened the brief to offer a joined up awareness campaign which would enable Safeline to grab members of the public's attention as well as those within the business community.

Through the creation of a stylised infographic, 2d animated video and accompanying social media imagery for their social media campaign - this digital content could replace typical printed media and enable Safeline to share content more widely and be more visible than the standard literature used in the past.

The charity was keen to raise its game and visual storytelling enabled them to maximise their online presence and have shareable content through social media as well as email.


Immediately Safeline saw results - 2 large targeted corporates were signed up and the social media campaign is ongoing.

Safeline ( has a great story and visual storytelling has enabled them to communicate a large amount of quantitative and qualitative information and extend their reach through online sharing.

How could visual storytelling help you exceed your objectives?


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