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#1 - Benefits of using 2d animated video

We are huge advocates of the benefits of using 2d animated videos in storytelling, this is the first part of our 1 minute read series on the benefits of using 2d animated video.

Benefit 1: Animated video is perfect for sharing complex ideas.

team, superhero, superheros, complex
Do you need to show your colleagues as superheroes?

With care and consideration, animated video can be used as a marketing or storytelling tool to explain, simplify and often make materially dull and complex ideas and concepts more exciting, engaging and more importantly - memorable.

With only a short window of opportunity to grab your audience's attention and put your point(s) across, short animated explainer type videos can quickly convey ideas and where possible add an element of humour or delight.

So next time you need your CEO or team to 'fly' like superheroes and take on the world - consider creating an animated character to be able to do this more easily!


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