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Augmented Reality - what is it and how can I use it in my storytelling effectively?

We often have the privilege of using technology to help share organisation's stories by combining it with compelling printed media - the addition of Augmented Reality (AR) brings a story to life in a different dimension and to another level.

Our founder, Rebecca Denyer, trained originally as a Management Accountant and whilst she enjoyed and understood the numbers, she was well aware of those in managerial and director level positions who struggled to embrace financial reports. To combat this she liked to find an alternative engaging way to present the figures and where possible offered a comic book alternative alongside the standard monthly Board Pack to add some interest if not only for herself in collating the management accounts each month.

financial report, engagement
Understanding financial reports can be challenging

"Everyone in business appreciates the importance of the figures but surely the method of presentation should not just be limited to spreadsheets, tables and charts with paragraphs of commentary?" Rebecca Denyer.

We have seen the use of Augmented Reality (AR) (layering content over printed media using a phone or a tablet device to scan the printed page and the content will effectively 'appear') benefit organisations engagement with their audience by bringing the printed media to life - or with MAGIC as we like to call it! Charts and commentaries come to life - video footage can be applied to the report - the documents themselves can be much shorter - which is a big plus!

Many folk see Augmented Reality (AR) as a bit of a gimmick and yes it can be but used correctly it can hugely enhance a viewers experience and understanding of a topic - imagine your annual financial accounts distributed on quality print and enhanced with video content or interactive graphics enabling your reader to not only enjoy the experience but also understand the details more easily?

Or what about your quarterly publications - not only could the paper volume be reduced but just by waving your phone or tablet over the page, the page and its content appear to come to life engaging every one of a person's senses!

The information capabilities are then extended beyond the print and can be updated post publication keeping it relevant and fresh avoiding unnecessary reprint costs which are also great for the environment and bookcase space too.

We have helped many organisations increase their engagement with their customers by applying Augmented Reality to their packaging and printed publications - larger corporates have been using Augmented Reality for engagement for some time - most people experience Augmented Reality everyday, albeit unwittingly, using filters on Snapchat or Instagram. Isn't it time you took a look at how to use technology to engage better with your client base?

If you are not sure what Augmented Reality (AR) is then do take a look at our tongue in cheek explainer video below:

And if you would like us to send you a fun example in the post then please get in touch with us at Red Lemon today and consider using technology to enhance your customer engagement.


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