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#5 Succeeding with Animated Video - Working with the Creative Team

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

A step-by-step guide to managing an animated video project for your organisation.

Working with a creative team will involve a combination of important skills to fulfil your objectives:

  • Strategic

  • Script-writing

  • Design

  • Animation

  • Music and sound

  • Delivery and distribution

Before production it is important to discuss and understand the scheduled review points for you and your internal team to review work in progress.

Creative Team
Working with the Creative Team

Always ask if you are uncertain about any stage and remember that it is important to be ready to invest a suitable amount of time in the animated video project. Be available to review progress and give appropriate feedback at each stage - detailed notes are helpful, be ready to raise concerns and return to the creative brief to remind yourself of your objectives to reinforce why decisions are made and ensure the creative process is satisfying these.

The creative process is often underestimated in terms of time and lapsed time for ideas to develop and stick as well as the time needed by the client to be part of the project. The old analogy of bringing a horse to water but you can't make it drink often resinates here - the creative team will want to do the best job it can to fulfil your objectives, it is, however, a collaborative process and full buy-in at every stage is imperative!

Do ensure you can allocate sufficient time in your diary during the project to ensure that the timescales can be maintained by the creative team - it can be frustrating for all when a project stalls especially if it is purely waiting for stage sign off by the client or a comment by one of the team to allow progression!

The creative team will follow their own tried and tested methodology and may have systems in place to enable everyone to review the progress of each stage and comment in full. Red Lemon use an online video production planning app which allows the client and Red Lemon team to upload latest versions and comment against them - it gives everyone a full view of the project from start to finish and saves on all those lengthy phone calls and emails, this helps everyone feel confident about the progress at every stage of the production.

Now you have a clearer idea of how to work with your creative team, you are ready to tackle the final piece of the jigsaw - please take a look at the next and final blog in this series - Finito - what's next?”


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