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#5 - Benefits of using 2d animated video

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

We are huge advocates of the benefits of using 2d animated videos in storytelling, this is the fifth part of our 1 minute read series on the benefits of using 2d animated video.

Benefit 5: Animated video can be easier to update than filmed footage.

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Creating content today is expensive and time consuming. Shooting film footage especially with your team members in the mix can take up a huge amount of time and resource let alone ensuring peoples availability allows them to be filmed at the same time etc.!

Animated video footage can be updated from a studio rather than hiring a film crew, location and getting everyone together. It also it a great way of sharing video content especially when some individuals do not behave well to the camera - it avoids the rabbit in the headlights look or the nervous pulling at the hands or clothing whilst the camera rolls.

Animated video can be updated when things change - as things do - no organisation stands still - your message will have to change in time.

If you would like to know more about animated video and how it can help your organisation - then keep an eye on our blog and look through the animated video category where we give you tips and support if you are thinking about an animated video production.


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