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#4 Succeeding with Animated Video - Which style of Animated Video should you choose?

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

A step-by-step guide to managing an animated video project for your organisation.

Whilst many of our clients often have a pre-conceived idea of the style of video they think they would like to commission, it does depend very much on your brand, your messaging challenge and how production will take place (e.g. budget, timescales, review process etc.) Also how will it align with the rest of your storytelling - do you need additional printed or digital material to work alongside it etc.

Putting life action footage aside, there are many different animated styles to consider and each has their merits:

Motion Graphics / Typography Style

1. Motion Graphics/Typography

Animating text or graphic elements is called motion graphics and is often an effective method of portraying stories.

Whilst stories often need characters for the audience to identify with, we have found sensitive information and statistical information is relayed successfully in this format - particularly in the charity sector where the facts do the talking.

This style works well without voiceover or just to some backing music which makes social sharing even easier with this method.

2. 2d animation

This is the classic animated hand drawn style or using templates to create fun cartoon videos. Whilst some organisations fear coming across in an immature manner - cartoon does have its place.

Being a little more fun, upbeat and memorable - facial expressions can be more comical and animated videos in this style are often very successful.

Bringing humour in storytelling is impactful - we have found huge success with this style across many industry sectors. This style lends itself to series of animated video - particularly in employee engagement, education and on-boarding.

3. 3d animation

This requires significant skill and time but will make some beautiful and very realistic animation - it is definitely worth considering the investment in 3D as some very high end results can be achieved and good for series of videos where artwork can be reused/purposed.

5. Whiteboard or Chalkboard animation

These styles are probably the most well known in the business world - whiteboard has been around for sometime now yet still remains successful. We also work with chalk on chalkboard/blackboard which is another successful alternative.

Bespoke hand drawn elements are perfect for giving that original and authentic look - but whiteboard animation software allows the use of templating to speed the process up - which is perfect for rework, future amendments and series.

6. Stop Motion

stop motion car going round and round
Stop Motion Animated Video Style

Stop motion is when an object is photographed then moved a little then photographed again and the images are put together to give the effect of movement.

Whilst it is a time consuming approach the results are quirky, fun, often magical and have more chance of going viral than many other methods.

Due to ensuring consistent lighting etc - it means that reshoots can be tricky unless your creative team has a dedicated studio.

If you are keen to see stop motion in action then please do consider visiting our dedicated studio in the Cotswolds - we love sharing the magic!

Now you have an idea of the different options available to you, you are ready to tackle other strategic issues - so do keep reading and onto the next blog post in this series - Working with the Creative Team.”


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