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#4 - Benefits of using 2d animated video

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

We are huge advocates of the benefits of using 2d animated videos in storytelling, this is the fourth part of our 1 minute read series on the benefits of using 2d animated video.

Benefit 4: Animated video transcends cultural and language barriers.

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cultural and language barriers

We've all done it - said something which made perfect sense to us but it has been lost in translation somewhere along the line - maybe the humour didn't translate well or even the language especially with English having so many words with multiple meanings. Cultural differences can often lead to misunderstandings too and there is nothing worse than miscommunication! And then the time spent in resolving the outcome of miscommunication!

We have found 2d animated video brings people together - speaks to them at the same level, keeps them on the same plane and is highly effective. Organisations who have employees or customers scattered across the globe have benefitted in relaying their stories through animated video and it can guarantee that the same message is heard loud and clear and doesn't require further explanation, a real time saver as well as often a business saver!


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