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We don't believe in bending backwards over our pricing - it is best to be clear to help you budget accordingly and prevent the guessing game of whether or not we are in your price range!


If our fees are outside your budget, you won't need to send any emails asking if they are negotiable or not (awks!).  We deliver fantastic results for our clients - you only need to take a look at our testimonials to hear it from the horses' mouths! (For information none of our clients are actually horses, in fact, we have the privilege of working with amazing organisations who have some equally amazing stories - for whom we are very grateful for.)


Our fees are exclusive of VAT, which is charged at the standard rate of 20% for our UK customers.



Fee Schedule:


Online Storytelling Process

Access to our storytelling process is absolutely FREE - yes you did read that correctly!  We have developed a proven process to help people explore and start to build out their story.  It does require an investment of time on your part to complete each step however your investment at this stage will give you a clearer idea of your story to help you with your organisations' key issues.  You do have to give your email address and can refer back to your individual storytelling at any time.  If you do contract with us - we will use the information gathered on this storytelling journey and build upon it to ensure that we visually tell your story appropriately.


Price: FREE


Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling can take many forms - from design for print and web, animated or filmed video footage, Augmented Reality with print and product packaging - or a combination of some or all of the various methods.  Using our consultative approach and building on our Online Storytelling Process we will work with you to ensure that your visual story campaign is compelling, engaging and encourage people to act.




Storytelling Process

Our prices start from £4,999 plus VAT to work through our Storytelling Process and ensure that your messaging is clear and consistent.


Already have your story and need it told visually?

If you already have your story and need help sharing it visually then we will need to quote for each aspect or ideally let us know your budget and we can advise how to maximise it to get the best results for your organisation.  If animated video is what you need then we can quote per 30 seconds of video, if you want to find out more about augmented reality and print then we can advise you on different budget levels.  We still offer pure design for print and web too - drop us a line or ring us on the dog and bone and let's find out what you need!




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